KOM Tehnologies Ltd.



1. Developing of System Software

  • Developing of operation systems
  • Comunications
  • Real-Time Embedded Sistems

2.System Architecture

  • Connecting of different technologies
  • Acknowledgment of new technologies
  • Helping in design of systems with critical time tasks
  • Assuaring with industrial standards

3. Support in Seting Up and Servicing of Systems That Work in Critical Conditions

  • Consultations and support in making specifications for systems that work in critical conditions

4. Web Design

  • Flash effects
  • Animations
  • Web pages developing
  • Web presentations

5. Presentations

  • Analysing different prospects of presentation
  • Video effects
  • Audio effects

6. B2B Sales

  • Marketing research: new areas of application & integration, potential new customers
  • Planning best marketing of services and products, advice on integration to customers current technologies
  • Design, execution, metrics B2B sales and trend analysis





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