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1. Run time environment emulators and compatibility layers:
1.1 The UiX copatibility layer for HP-UX which was binary compatible with HP-MPE operating system: capable to deploy and execute on HP-UX all unmodified SW previously developed for and compiled(!) on HP-MPE. Some of applications were reported to be even faster and more stable on HP-UX (under UiX), than on its native HP-MPE environment.

1.2. Solaris kernel module (code name Lexicon) providing the binary compatibility for Linux device drivers. Despite additional layer, most of device operations were of comparable performance to native Linux environment.

1.3. 2009: One of the first multi-core AUTOSAR implementations exceeding in features even the most modern AUTOSAR standard implementation. One of extraordinary features of our implementations is native support for asymmetrical architectures - not possible with current AUTOSAR standard.

2. Secure IP routing with routing information encapsulated within the encrypted layer
(solving the major security weakness of IPsec protocol). High level security project for major foreign government.

3. Asynchronous IO event handling to solve the UNIX socket() level bottleneck problems. Application example: IBM Lotus Domino server. - Performance improvements was beyond any expectations from the customer - delivered connection latency was ca 10000 times lower than specified by customer requirements.

4. R&D of new generation Operating Environment architecture (code name ChaOS) capable of handling completely unordered executions and asymmetrical or unordered computing architectures. Use examples for some of genuine solutions resulting from this research project: - see 1.3 (application of asymmetrical processing architectures concept to AUTOSAR RTE abstraction layer) - see 3 (absolutely unordered IO architecture delivering 0-bottleneck communication layer) - several low level performance optimization projects were implemented by means of borrowing the architectural solutions from our R&D project. Performance improvements achieved were between 4 times and 700 times faster execution than original code. - current internal development is concentrated on concrete implementation for the latest emerging neuro-processor architectures. KOM Technologies Ltd is in position to deliver the first new-age operating system for the new-age computing processor architectures.

5. R&D cooperation in the field of more optimized computer vision algorithms for low power devices suitable for mobile and low power embedded applications.

6. Asynchronous, fault tolerant, data management and transaction layer In comparison to all "brand name" solutions available, which are all based on all-or-nothing transaction consistency handling our solution is capable to handle, survive, and resynchronize any level of data disgression during the fault, without inconsistent or lost data, or manual intervention during recovery.




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