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OS Development

  • Mercurry, Boston - Solaris nexus driver for Rapid IO interface (connecting BLADE systems into greater computer (klastere).
  • Fremont-Solaris nexus driver for connecting I/O interface designed for using in critical climat and working conditions ("hostile environment").
  • Silicon Optix, San Jose: 1. Numerus components of software designed for processing high quality video and audio signals in real time; 2. Operation systems components which are used as base for that software (file systems I/O drivers...); 3. Error testing on prototypes and accommodate with industrial standards.
  • Custom TCP/IP driver with selective checksum disabling feature, performance boost for Grass Valley FC-AL attached data storage.
  • Consulting for porting of their biometrics authentication product to Solaris, developing device driver for the fingerprint scanner.
  • Solaris I/O Completion Events framework. It enables large sever applications like IBM Domino (formerly Lotus Domino) to increase maximal number of client connections from 20K to 128K+ on high end Sun servers.
  • Adding Solaris support for Fujitsu magneto-optical drives.
  • Contributing to Solaris 9 support on Intel CPUs
  • Development of new features (PIO API, EPP mode) for parallel port device driver (ecpp) in SUN Solaris 8 update release,
  • Reengineered power management framework in Solaris 2.6 to solve nexus node and hot-plug related problems,
  • Developed device driver for Dunord PCI scanner card (ordered from TRW for HP-UX to Solaris migration project),
  • Assisted Vision Tech in rapid development of MPEG-2 solution for Sun PCI platforms,
  • Conceptual design and Code Review for integration of interrupt kernel statistics in Solaris device drivers,
  • Development of X Input Extension library for Solaris X-Server
  • Development of hardware failure alarm feature for Netconnect 3.0
  • Netconnect 2.0 implementation of system (kernel, HW) monitoring agents, design reviews, debugging
  • Developed number of kernel extensions and enhancements including block-mode terminal device driver for HP-UX,
  • Designed and developed framework for asynchronous, fault tolerant transaction processing in distributed (LAN/WAN) environment - used for database replication and other purposes,
  • Development of the software components for AV broadcasting studio real-time control systems, (based on QNX for real-time control and MS Windows for user/operator workstations).
  • Development of HW diagnostic layer and SCSI floppy disk device driver for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) embedded system (based on QNX/Neutrino).
  • Research in high precision scheduling techniques for Real-Time and UNIX operating systems (sub-microsecond range).
  • Research, design of new generation file system.

Consulting for Performance and Design Issues

  • Profiling, analysis of performance problems of the SmartBoard device driver under UNIX (Linux, Solaris).
  • Close support in definition of the low level API and validation of the modem hardware design.
  • Consulting and porting services (Windows NT / Linux / Solaris) for their Phantom and Ghost products (Haptics technology- enabling touch & feel manipulation of virtual 3D objects)
  • Consulting for multi-threading related problems with multiplexed streams device driver (Solaris/AIX) of SS7 interface card and protocol stack modules (SCCP, UPM, SPM, TRMOD, ECP).

Systems Software Porting Projects

  • Porting of IBM DB2 v7.1 database to HP-UX 11.x 64-bit environment. Bug fixing, sustaining support up to DB2 release v8.1, including other platforms: Solaris/Linux/AIX.
  • Porting of Visionmaker Digital Desk IRIX device driver to AIX,
  • Porting of Visionmaker Digital Desk IRIX device driver to Solaris,
  • Development of simple Solaris framework for user level device drivers, to be used primarily for porting of Windows NT (C/C++) device drivers,
  • Designed and developer of "UiX": MPE/iX binary compatibility environment on HP-UX,

Training - Course Development Consulting

  • Provided training in Solaris STREAMS drivers and DLPI for Soma Networks staff engineers.
  • Solaris 8 version of "Writing Device Drivers" Course SI-375 (principal contributors: 800+ new pages, updates, reviews, examples)
  • Contributed to "Solaris Internals - Loadable Module Framework" tutorial material for USENIX 1998 (Device Drivers section, recent Solaris features, overall review),
  • Delivered training course for Developers Support Center engineers: "Device Drivers and Solaris 2.x Kernel",

General IT Consulting

  • Consulting for Year 2000 Compliance Project. Complete services on hardware, firmware and OS for all server systems, except mainframe.
  • Introduction of the formal source control, product release and bug processing framework for developer of the real-time software.
  • Testing and debugging of first Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC/PCI based platforms: Ultra 30/60, Ultra 5/10, E 450,
  • Testing/debugging PCI related firmware (Open Boot code), Solaris 2.5.1 SHWP, 2.6 and 2.7 debugging/fixing, Investigating PCI related problems and missing OS functionality, recommending and providing enhancements,
  • Third party developer support in Sun Microsystems "SBus to PCI" transition for Independent Hardware Vendors: Emulex (Fibre Channel), DGM&S (SS7), Tech-Source (2k x 2k frame buffer), Bit3 (PCI-PCI, PCI-SBUS bridge), Magma (PCI-PCI, serial MUX), Vision Tech (MPEG-2 A/V encoder), IMS (measurement systems), Digi (serial MUX), Solflower (PCI-VME)
  • Internal consulting services and code reviews to various projects - from porting to bug fixing and kernel development
  • Consulting with issues of simple, cost effective and secure on-line payment processing
  • Custom TCP/IP driver with selective checksum disabling feature, performance boost for Grass Valley FC-AL attached data storage.
  • Development of Wireless Network Interface device driver for Base Station of their wireless data network.
  • Solutions for various wireless network issues: logical network interfaces corresponding to dynamically allocated spectrum channels, priority (QoS) driven data delivery, fault tolerance, plumbing into backbone TCP/IP network, encoding.
  • Solaris device driver for 802.11b wireless cards
  • Research of IP forwarding performance problems on multiprocessor systems. Prototype Solaris kernel driver with performance improvement for the SUN GigaSwift II (1Gb Ethernet) card. Greatly improved (>30%) raw packet routing (interface to interface) performance, enabled deterministic (real-time, QoS application) packet forwarding (native Solaris IP and in conjuction with CheckPoint FireWall-1 XL), full CPU load balancing to deploy 100% cycles of up to 4 CPUs per interface, further scaling (> 4 CPU/IF) possible without deterministic processing behavior.
  • Consulting for performance improvements of CheckPoint Firewall software on Solaris platforms, multi-threaded STREAMS module design, interaction with network interface layer.
  • Development of the software components for AV broadcasting studio real-time control systems, (based on QNX for real-time control and MS Windows for user/operator workstations).




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